Monday, September 11, 2006

How to Get in Google Top 10 !

Hi Guys,

Recently I have been asked how I am getting high ranking within Google, so I have decided to do a run through of the websites I am using and I am helping others making them and boosting there websites ranking.

You will need to follow the thread at my forum, because I am adding the websites individually and giving a brief explanation and how to use them.

They include swicki, webrings, blogs, blinklist and more.

So if you wish to boost your traffic for free then have a look and try to make/join as many as the sites that I mention, I use them all and have had great success, while they wont work instantly, they will work, I used these sites to boost my rankings, now all I do to boost my sites rank is add links to each site and to each others pages.

Here's the link to the topic at my forum :

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