Wednesday, September 19, 2007

RSS Media Grabber Script

RSS Media script
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- is a revolutionary new piece of software which allows users on your website to submit media rss feeds such as videos, games, pictures and flash. After approval (from the administrator) the script crawls all the sites and collects data every hour. That way you can get 100s of new videos, games and pictures every day without even doing a thing.

The script comes with about 30 000 items already loaded. Get an average of 2000 new items every day. Imagine how much content is that for the search engines.

By using this script your site will become very popular in a matter of couple of weeks.

Some Features :

- Users add their rss feed trough a submit form- All feeds are approved by administrator before showing on the site- Play Embedded videos.

- Several new skins have been added. Please email us for screenshots.

- Tag clouding – Most popular tags are displayed in different text size and font.

- Media rating.

- Comments system.

- Media view count ; popularity count.

- Top Rated media.

- Advanced share this media system.

* share the media – displays a thumb media image with link to the media and a link to your homepage.

* Email – users can email the media to friends.

* Link only for myspace and other uses.

- Recent tags.

- Site search, displaying most searches done (top keywords).

- Categories and subcategories. New categories can be added or old edited from the admin section.

- Latest media.

- Most popular.

- Top favorites.

- Users favorites - registered users can add media to favorites and share those favorites with others.

- Adult content filter users can browse all sites, just adult or non adult (by default).

- Browse updates.

- Browse all sites.

- Browse user favorites.

- Adult content filtering for the banners.

- Mod_rewrite for better SE indexing

View Actual Script Site.

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