Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Free Cursor Editors / Downloads.

I have been at the Freewebs forum and listening to the members discussions about cursors and how to add them and where to get them from, here are my findings :

Free Cursors VS Make your own.

Free Cursors, they are all over the place, usually you sign up to an agreement with a membership for free and download a toolbar, then you have the choice of Free cursors to add to your site with the use of HTML, but what they don't tell you (or hide the details) is that they also include some other hidden "Goodies/Baddies" including cookies and the ability to follow your search engine activities.


Make your own ! this is a better option and more rewarding, I have found some free cursor makers and designers to download, most are freeware, some are trial versions, this way you can avoid the hidden nasties of free cursor websites and add a personal touch to your website, which will you choose ?

Click here to choose your Free cursor downloads.

Please leave a rating for the product and a few comments to help othewr members decide (on the website above).

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