Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NEW Freewebs Members Website.

I have made a Whole NEW Website Just for Freewebs Members and Websites, I have just changed it to HTML design from easy mode, it is NEW and is linked to all our other websites :

FreeWebs TopSite.

FreeWebs Submit a Link.

FreeWebs Forum. (un-official forum)

The community includes all of our websites associated with FreeWebs and includes :

HTML Designer downloads/Freeware programs and Software (see entry below).

Free Cursor Downloads (make your own) .

And heaps more.

Soon we are adding a members area, where you can add pictures/photos, screenshots and more links to your website, also we are going to offer the first 20 members our help for getting in Googles top 10 for your Keywords.

Click to see the NEW FreeWebs Community.

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