Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Adding a Website to Swicki.

How Do you add a WebSite to Swickis Search results ?

This is quite easy, to my knowledge there is only one way and that is to make your own Swicki.

"O.K, so how do I do that ?"

When you enter a Swicki there are many links to the Swicki home page, enter it by either Clicking the Swicki Logo or a Link, Now Click on Create a Swicki (as above) or Create your own Swicki (as above).

Now you need to Name Your Swicki, for Example I started mine and named it "Freewebs-members" and URL looks like this http://freewebs-members-swicki.eurekster.com/ .

Now choose a layout for your Cloud (this can be altered when you customize your Swicki or Cloud) you can choose from "Wide, Narrow or Short" depending on where you wish to place your "Tag Cloud".

Now you can Start to personalise your Swicki - Tag Cloud - Choose background Colour, Text colour, Font Colour, Font Size and Style.

Add keywords (related to your Website and Swicki) that you wish to be placed in "Tag Cloud", these will also be searched in other members "Swicki searches" and more may be added later, it is also worth noting that when people search your Swicki for another word or Phrase you will also be able to add them to your Search Cloud.

(If you are a FreeWebs member and wish to be found in my FreeWebs Swicki search then include Keywords that are in FreeWebs Swicki cloud aswell)

Next Step is Training your Swicki.

You have several options, you can train your Swicki to search your Website and then the Web or both (tick relevant box) type in Two keywords most relevant to your Swicki/Website and then add (your) pages/Websites you wish (your) Swicki to include in Search.

Now enter URLs you wish to exclude from search and if you will allow adult material in search.

Choose to include sponsored advertising sites in search results.

Describe your Swicki.

Enter your name/nickname.

Enter a Website associated with Your Swicki (this will be displayed at the top of your Swicki).

Finally Choose category for your Swicky.

Swicki is Ready and it's time to take it for a Spin.

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