Monday, June 26, 2006

What's a Swicki ? FreeWebs Members Swicki.

FreeWebs Members Swicki.

What's a Swicki ?

A Swicki is a personalised Search Engine that is created by the owner/participant (anyone can create a Swicki) to suit their WebSite and/or interests, once created the Swicki is to Moderated by you the Owner and Admin.

What are The Features ?

Basic features are Tag Cloud.
Search Box.
Ability to Adapt Swicki to Searches.
Live/Real Time Search results.

How Does This Help My WebSite ?

Gain Direct traffic from searches.
Links to your Sites.
Ability to Add your Banners to your Swicki.
More Exposure to Your webSite.

Can others add sites to my Swicki ?

Yes, this is a little tricky though.

Can I add my Website to Search in My Swicki ?

Yes and you can even place your websites on the top of search and search your submited sites first.

I will Provide more in depth instructions on these topics after this thread.

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