Monday, June 26, 2006

FreeWebs Members Frappr - Widget -

The Frappr Widget for FreeWebs Members.

What's Frappr ?

Frappr is the Host of these Widgets. (The Widget in this Topic is The FreeWebs members Map).

What's A Widget ?

A Widget is a Site add on. (HTML format, in this case the Map).

What Does it Do ?

This Map allows visitors to add themselves to the Map and provide a short message and URL. You may also add a Photo. But if you choose to you may create a Free account and make your own frapper Page, which includes a Blog / Forum / Message Board, photos, Links and even More.

Where can I place the Map or Widgets ?

Where ever you can display HTML and Javascript.

How many (widgets) can I create ?

As many as you wish and each map will have its own homepage and Blog etc.

Can I customize the Map ?

Yes you can : change size, colour, zoom, places, centre and more.

Remember this is a forum so post questions if you want !

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