Monday, June 26, 2006

NEW FreeWebs Members Community.

Hi My names Jason Godwell.

Welcome and we hope you decide to join the FreeWebs community and paricipate in the features we offer.

I have been a member with FreeWebs for over six months, I am aware of the problems and bad press about FreeWebs, I am also aware of the Great features of FreeWebs and the simplicity for building your own WebSite, FreeWebs is great for the beginner and some where in between, it's only once you are gathering more experience and knowledge you realise the faults and bugs that appear.

We offer help and a chance to meet other members of FreeWebs, after all who better to give you advice than other members.

This Blog will give you a walk through for some of the Features we offer the community members, such as :

  1. FreeWebs Swicki (how to add a site and make your own Swicki).
  2. FreeWebs WebRing (How to make the most out of our WebRing)
  3. FreeWebs Frappr (Members Map, literally a Map, Plus How to make your own)

Our Goal is to connect other Freewebs members and gain traffic and exposure for other members (WebSites) like we have enjoyed ourselves.

We are in no way connected to FreeWebs, we are just like you and a member of Freewebs.

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